OpenSSL Security Advisory: SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)

  • Kamis, 03 Jul 2014
  • Penulis: OpenSSL dot org

An attacker using a carefully crafted handshake can force the use of weak keying material in OpenSSL SSL/TLS clients and servers. This can be exploited by a Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack where the attacker can decrypt and modify traffic from the attacked client and server...


The Best Of Both Worlds – Soraya

  • Selasa, 17 Jun 2014
  • Penulis: Matthew Bing, Arbor Networks

"Arbor Networks’ ASERT has recently discovered a new malware family that combines several techniques to steal payment card information. Dubbed Soraya, meaning “rich,” this malware uses memory scraping techniques similar to those found in Dexter to target point-of-sale terminals...


Global Mobile Roaming Hub Accessible From the Internet and Vulnerable, Researchers Find

  • Selasa, 17 Jun 2014
  • Penulis: l33tdawg, HITB Sec News

"The GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) network, which carries roaming traffic among hundreds of mobile operators worldwide, contains Internet-reachable hosts that run vulnerable and unnecessary services, recent security scans reveal...


Tumblr two-factor authentication uses password and mobile code

  • Kamis, 03 Apr 2014
  • Penulis: Shane McGlaun

''...Tumblr announced this week that it was adding new security measures to the Settings page of the app. Two-factor authentication is optional for users and when activated the user will need a password and an authentication code...''


Professionalisation of cyber crime poses new risks

  • Kamis, 03 Apr 2014
  • Penulis: Jane McCallion

Historically, 80 per cent of hackers were ?freelance? and just 20 per cent were part of organised crime,? Mark Quartermaine, VP for UK and Ireland at Juniper Networks, told IT Pro.


Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe on new cybercrime push

  • Senin, 02 Dec 2013
  • Penulis: Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

The fact is that the traditional way of policing cybercrime has not been working. Only a fraction of cybercrime and fraud now reported to the Action Fraud centre is ever referred on to a police force, so thousands of victims a year do not so much as hear from an officer.


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