Vision & Mission

Vision of Id-SIRTII/CC:

"Build Indonesia's Internet environment that is safe, comfortable and conducive"

Mision of Id-SIRTII/CC:

"Increase internet growth in Indonesia through awareness campaign efforts to safeguard technology and information systems, monitoring potential security incidents, support law enforcement, and provide technical support".


Purpose of setting up Id-SIRTII/CC

The purpose of securing the use of telecommunication network based on internet protocol based on Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 16 / PER / M.KOMINFO / 10/2010 is to:

  1. Support the implementation of law enforcement process;

  2. Create environment and utilization of telecommunication network based on secure internet protocol from various potency of threat and disturbance;

  3. Supporting coordination with relevant parties at home and abroad for prevention, detection, early warning and incident mitigation on strategic infrastructure.


Coordination by Id-SIRTII/CC

Coordination of safeguards Strategic infrastructure is the coordination of security in all areas concerning human safety and security, public livelihood, public services, national resources and the economic potential of the country, among others:

  1. Government areas

  2. Public service areas, both in govenrment or private

  3. Defense, Security, and Dicipline areas 

  4. Nature Resoruces, Mining, and Energy areas 

  5. Transportations in land, water and air areas

  6. Finance, Capital and Banking areas

  7. Education and Health areas 

  8. Trade, Industries, and  State-owned enterprises areas

  9. Telecomunication, media and broadcasting areas 

  10. Artworks, Culture and Tourism areas

Monitoring National Internet Traffic

National internet traffic monitoring report featuring weekly traffic reports, monthly traffic reports and annual traffic reports.

System Security & Vulnerability Threat Warning

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Security News

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