The scope of protecting internet protocol-based telecommunications network usage is based on the Minister of Communication and Information's Regulation 16/PER/M.KOMINFO/10/2010, which includes:

  1. Conduct socialization to all related parties to secure the utilization of internet protocol-based telecommunications infrastructure and networks;
  2. Coordinate prevention, monitoring, detection, and early warning of threats and disturbances as well as handling incidents on internet protocol-based telecommunications networks, especially strategic infrastructure;
  3. Conduct development and/or provision, operation, maintenance, and development of database systems, analysis, monitoring, and security of the utilization of internet protocol-based telecommunications networks, which among other things function to support monitoring activities, store transaction logs (log files), and support law enforcement;
  4. Carry out the function of information services on threats and security disturbances in the utilization of internet protocol-based telecommunications networks and provide consulting services and technical assistance;
  5. Conducting laboratory activities for training, simulation, research, and development in the field of internet protocol-based telecommunications network security;
  6. Perform analysis and processing of data and information generated by the implementation of security and incident handling, laboratory, simulation, research, and development;
  7. Carrying out activities for presenting, exchanging, and reporting the results of data and information analysis and processing activities regarding the security of using internet protocol-based telecommunications networks following the provisions of laws and regulations;
  8. Becoming Indonesia's national coordination center for situations involving threats and security disruptions involving internet protocol-based telecommunications networks.

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